Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Result Project SADC 2012 at

NaviReal Projects

Android based augmented reality application as a location pointer will help the users to find some locations. There are five kinds of locations, those are restaurant, hospital, hotel, mall, and ATM. How it works is quite simple, just by giving a search filters and the result will be shown on the screen. The searching process is only sending the search filters to web service.

The result can be seen in Augmented Reality Mode, where the user will see the result on the camera preview. A few of the results will be shown on the camera preview. Only the result which is fit with user field of view will be shown, so that the user could change their field of view by moving their Android smartphone and the application will show the suitable result for the user.
Google Map View is also provided, and the user can see the result on Google Map. There are a lot of libraries in Android, and Android also has a lot of sensors that can support developers to develop augmented reality application in Android. By using web service to do the heavy computational works will greatly help to make the searching process faster, but the process will rely heavily on the internet connection.

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Morris Android

The goal here is to form a Mill, which is a condition where you have 3 piece in 1 board line, and reduce opponent piece. Player which has 2 pieces left in board loses the game. There are some variation of this game, like Three Men's Morris, Six Men's Morris, Nine Men's Morris, Twelve Men's Morris, and some more, with different board for each variation. This app currently designed for mobile with 480x800 screen resolution. We're working to make it available for every android gadget.

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