We feel honored that Google is supporting us to succeed this event.  Besides that, we’re also very grateful that we can have a lot of sponsors to support our Surabaya Dev Camp 2012.  These are our sponsors:

Main Sponsors

Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Surabaya (STTS) is a well-known higher-education institution, established at Surabaya-Indonesia since 1978, offering diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses.  The undergraduate courses offered include Information Technology, Business Information Systems, Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Visual Communication Design, and Product Design.

The four-year undergraduate course in Information Technology allows the students to specialize in one of the four majors / specializations: Computer Science, Software Engineering, E-Commerce, and Computer Networks.  Established since 1985, STTS’s IT course is one of the first course offered to public, and currently, is considered as one of the best IT course at East Java Province.

One of the most active research center at STTS is the Android research center.   There are many research projects, usually undertaken by final year undergraduate student as the topic of their final projects.  Most of those projects are also published at the Android market, and very popular amongst the students community.


IT Provent is a software firm specializing in mobile and large scale web software with modern architecture. Specifically our platform and solutions focus on horizontal scalability strategies that avoid vertical strategies with expensive monolithic servers. Our platform for consumers includes multi-network instant messaging and mobile social network applications; and for enterprises includes mobile debt collection, mobile sales management, multi-site/city accounting and analytics systems. For more information, please visit our website at www.itprovent.com

Digits Mobility  is a subsidiary of Digital Technology Solution. Digits Mobility focuses itself as one of the application developer and gadget store in Indonesia. Digits Mobility was founded in 15 December 2010, by Stevanus Djojokusumo as a founder. Since the establishment, Digits Mobility has created many applications and games that are requested by many client in several part of the world. The division of gadget store in Digits Mobility, was founded in 5 November 2011, with several team as a start up. We are currently in juvenile state as a brand new division of company, but we believe, we do professional thing. With a broad networkig, we do belive, we will perform well in the market. digitsmobility.com

Supporting Sponsor

InTouch is an innovative mobile solution with over 10 years of proven track records. InTouch specially focus on mobile competencies, such as mobile technologies, mobile application development, mobile service, mobile banking, mobile CRM and community marketing. For more information, please visit our website www.intouch.co.id

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